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1FM is an online radio station that broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The station focuses on playing music from the 60s to today. 1FM has some of the best DJs in the world and it's all free. offering over 50 radio channels, covering various music genres such as pop, rock, electronic, jazz, classical, and more. The network is based in Switzerland and was founded in 2004. 1FM is accessible worldwide through its website, mobile apps, and various streaming platforms such as TuneIn, Apple Music, and Amazon Alexa. The network is known for its high-quality streaming and curated playlists that cater to different music preferences. also offers some exclusive channels, such as "Absolute Top 40 Radio," "Classic Rock Replay," and "Country One." In addition to music, the network also provides news, weather, and other information on some of its channels. 1FM is a popular choice among internet radio listeners who want to discover new music and enjoy a diverse range of genres without the limitations of traditional terrestrial radio.

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