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What is the AnimeFLV Organization?

AnimeFLV is a streaming platform, which broadcast free and illegal anime series. Anime is a term that encompasses traditional or computer animation of Japanese origin. In its beginnings, around 1900, Japanese animation received the name of senga eiga (literally "films of drawn lines"), later it was known by the term Doga ("moving images") and, finally, around 1960 it became be called animeeshon originally (ア ニ メ ー シ ョ ン animēshon?). Hence it is abbreviated to "anime" (ア ニ メ). On the other hand, it is believed that it is a word of French origin. Anime is a medium of great expansion in Japan, being at the same time a product of commercial and cultural entertainment, which has caused a cultural phenomenon in popular masses and a technological art form. It is potentially aimed at all audiences, from children, adolescents, adults; up to classification specializations essentially borrowed from the existing one for manga, with base classes designed for sociodemographic specifications such as employees, housewives, students, etc. Thus, they can cope with subjects, themes, and genres as diverse as love, adventure, science fiction, children's stories, literature, sports, horror, fantasy, comedy, and many others. AnimeFLV is an exclusive channel of Anime of all types with 1080p resolution.

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