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What is the Micro Center Organization?

Micro Center is an American computer department store, which offers computers and electronic devices more than any other retailer. Micro Center was founded in 1979 in Columbus, Ohio and is one of the top 200 of America's largest private companies. Micro Center offers a wide range of personal and business technological solutions, as well as services and support. Their team of professionals can assist you in selecting the best PC for your needs, learning how to use it, and getting back to doing what you love. They also offer the guidance and knowledge you require when purchasing other gadgets such as tablets or phones; they'll assist you in locating exactly what you're looking for in terms of features and price. They can also aid with troubleshooting, repair services, and amazing prices on new parts if your tech isn't working properly. Whether you need technology for work or leisure - or both - Micro Center has everything you need.

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