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What is the Mordhau Organization?

Mordhau is a game about medieval mercenaries. It's a brutal game of skill and strategy, where you will wield swords, bows, siege weapons, ride horses and fight alongside friends online. The team based gameplay offers an incredible amount of depth for players who are looking for more than just hack-and-slash action. Triternion is actually working on Mordhau, a medieval multiplayer combat action game. They're making a game that features intense skill-based combat, sophisticated strategy, and no health regeneration.Theirgoal is to provide players complete control over their actions without holding or guiding them, resulting in the most intense and enjoyable melee combat experience possible. Mordhau mixes their favorite aspects of games like Chivalry, Mount & Blade Warband, For Honor, and other medieval titles with cutting-edge technology to create an authentic experience that feels both familiar and fresh to veterans of the genre.

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