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What is the Open Researcher and Contributor ID Organization? is a non-profit organization that provides a unique identifier system for researchers and scholars worldwide. The website,, is the central hub for managing and accessing ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) profiles. aims to address the challenge of accurately attributing scholarly works and contributions to the right individuals. It offers a free and persistent digital identifier that distinguishes researchers and connects them with their educational activities throughout their careers. Researchers can create an ORCID profile on the website, which includes their personal information, affiliations, publications, and other scholarly outputs. This identifier remains constant and unique, allowing researchers to maintain a comprehensive work record regardless of changes in their name, institution, or research field. The ORCID system is widely adopted by academic institutions, publishers, funding agencies, and other research organizations. Integration with various scholarly platforms and procedures ensures that ORCID profiles can be easily linked to and synchronized with other research databases, such as publication repositories, grant applications, and academic networks. also provides tools and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that enable seamless integration with third-party systems, facilitating the exchange of research information and streamlining administrative processes. Using ORCID, researchers benefit from enhanced discoverability and visibility of their work, reduced administrative burden, and improved recognition for their contributions. The system promotes transparency, fosters collaboration, and helps establish accurate authorship and attribution in the scholarly community. Additionally, supports the broader research ecosystem by offering resources, guidelines, and best practices for implementing and utilizing ORCID identifiers. The organization collaborates with stakeholders across the research landscape to advocate for the adoption of persistent identifiers and promote the responsible use of research data. In summary, plays a crucial role in connecting researchers with their scholarly outputs, improving the accuracy and reliability of attribution, and supporting the efficient exchange of research information across various platforms and systems.

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