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Purl is a widely recognized and utilized persistent identifier (PID) system that assigns unique and stable web addresses to digital resources. The website serves as a central hub for managing and accessing persistent URLs (PURLs) that can be used to ensure the long-term availability and accessibility of digital content. offers a reliable infrastructure for creating and maintaining PURLs, which act as permanent links to resources on the web. It is particularly useful for organizations and institutions that must manage and preserve digital assets, such as academic papers, research datasets, cultural artifacts, and other types of online content. By utilizing PURLs, users can avoid the problem of broken or outdated links that often occur when URLs change, or resources are relocated. helps to mitigate this issue by allowing resource owners to assign a persistent identifier to their content, enabling reliable and consistent access to the resource over time. The website also provides documentation and resources for developers and users interested in implementing PURLs within their systems. It offers guidelines and best practices for incorporating PURLs into digital infrastructure, ensuring the longevity and stability of online resources.

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