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What is the Organization? is the most professional and independent news website from Albania and the Balkans. is born as an initiative of a group of journalists, operators and civil society representatives, who came together for one purpose: To create in Albania an independent editorial group from each party, in which professional and deontological rules of information prevail. on political wars and the interests of the parties. Most of the protagonists of this editorial challenge were born and raised professionally in "Gazeta Shqiptare", "BalkanWeb" and "News24", the editorial group that has been operating in Albania for 18 years, was a reference point for public opinion, national and international thanks to credibility, authority and independence. Only small shares of shares can be issued to exponents of the business world, provided they share with the founding partners the inspiring principles. The leader of this project is the company "Free & Fair Media Group" (FFM Group). The company's statute stipulates that the objective of the Group is the formation and professional growth of journalists according to the principles of free and independent expression. The group is built in a multimedia dimension.

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