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What is the Top Channel TV Organization?

Top Channel TV is a private business entity, which covers the entire territory of Albania with its signal. Top Channel was founded by the late President of Top Media Company, Mr. Dritan Hoxha on July 30, 2001, having at its very beginning a clear objective to be the television of all Albanians through the triangle: information, entertainment, education. . Top Channel started broadcasting for the first time on December 20, 2001 and in just a few months managed to become the most beloved home screen for Albanians through its staff of journalists, new technology and innovative ideas. On September 15, 2003, Top Channel achieved full signal coverage of the territory of Albania, as well as the entire European continent, on the Eutelsat W2 satellite, while on December 15, 2004, Top Channel provided this coverage via the DigitAlb platform. On August 15, 2005, Top Channel covered America and Canada with its signal. In March 2006, Top Channel opened its office in Kosovo and in June 2008 it opened its Skopje office. On May 10, 2009, Top Channel began broadcasting in HD technology, with the finale of 'Top Fest 6' becoming the first television in Albania to bring this innovation.

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